Eleanor went to personally thank Truby King for the lend of the snap and go wheels from Plunket when she was a newborn.  Truby King Park is in Melrose on a hill behind the zoo.  I had never heard of Truby King Park before, and went there for the first time this week.  Mr. King built his house there along with a Karitane Hospital and a factory to make baby formula.  It’s all still there, surrounded by bush and winding brick walls and arches made out of local brick.  The factory has been turned into apartments, and the hospital is now a conference centre.


When you get up to the actual mausoleum there is a relief bust of Truby.  Strangely, even though the bust is only of his head and shoulders he appears to be naked (well, shirtless).  I hope no one is sculpting me in the buff when I’m in my seventies.  On either side of the central plaque there is this:


Save the babies?  From who… the mothers?  Needless to say I have a new obsession.

Let’s find out more about Truby.

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