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Reddy and KermitHaving number one hits, a TV show, and winning a Grammy (refer to rule one) means you will probably release your autobiography at some point.  Rugby players and musicians generally do this when they retire from the “business”, for both it is generally a mistake.  It is a mistake for rugby players because they often retire from the business when they are twenty-eight and have nothing to say, for musicians it is a mistake because most of them were only famous for a year or two and the rest of the book is about sitting on a tour bus.  A way around this problem is for musicians and rugby players to develop opinions about things.  Some rugby players and musicians are intelligent people with interesting insights and a kind ghost writer.  Perhaps 0.01%.  The rest aren’t.

I suppose I hadn’t really been paying attention when I was reading the Helen Reddy autobiography (The Woman I Am) because this line on page 124 really caught me by surprise:

The baby boomers, the generation that followed World War II,  were now in college.  Many of them were souls who had reincarnated after dying in the war and they were determined not to have their lives cut short again.

I see.  Reincarnated you say?  I read a bit further into the book, and then came to this sentence in a section about abortion:

Hitler would go on to create breeding farms for humans who were of favoured Arayan stock while sending to their deaths millions who were not.

Breeding farms?  Really?  I don’t remember ever having read about this before.  How does a breeding farm for human beings work?  You force Arayans to have sex with each other and then… wait around to see if anything happens, and then try again, and wait, and try again, and then again, and then there’s some counselling, and then BINGO, oh happy day!  And then you wait around for nine months….

Things began to snowball after this.  What had been a fairly straightforward autobiography about a struggling kid from a show biz family in Australia who made it in the big leagues of America, was now hinting at deep-seated craziness.  My interest in the book sky-rocketed.  My interest was repaid.

Helen Reddy signed up for UCLA’s first ever parapsychology course.  Helen Reddy became obsessed with family history when her parents died, Helen Reddy thought things like this after discovering that people in the past often had the same names:

Was it possible that we reincarnate back into the same family group, albeit in different configurations, but we are drawn to replicate the same names? … I wasn’t aware of any research along those lines.

Research along what lines? 

It was while meditating on these questions that it came to me via my sixth sense that Wallis, Duchess of Windsor, had been King Richard III.

And yes, the next chapter of Helen Reddy’s autobiography is entirely devoted to her theory that King Richard III reincarnated – via a few people – as Wallis.  Not only that, but the whole royal family is a series of reincarnations all playing some ancient power struggle in new roles.

But why, I hear you ask, would reincarnation work like this, why would it stay within a certain group?

From the perspective of soul growth, the lesson of the use and misuse of power can take many lifetimes to learn.  This is why it is not uncommon for famous people to reincarnate as famous people.

Can you give us an example?

Elvis was formerly King Tutankhamen.  With large numbers of former Egyptians reincarnating in the USA, the timing was perfect for Elvis’s arrival on the scene.  Consider the following:

  • He was born and died in Memphis
  • He was recognised as ‘the King’
  • He received adulation and fanatical devotion out of all proportion to his achievements
  • He died the same year as the King Tut exhibition toured museums in the USA.

Well, I’m almost convinced, how about another example?

Richard Nixon was formerly

Andrew Johnson, who was formerly

Thomas Paine.

This entity’s soul history is highly connected to the destiny of the USA.

Apparently this entity is trying to test the impeachment process.  I would personally find this an annoying reason to be continually reincarnated.  Still, it’s probably better than being reincarnated to test some clause of tax law.

Reddy goes on to explain AIDS:

AIDS was one of the biblical plagues and, until recently, had lain dormant for centuries.  In ancient times, the temple was the centre of not only religious life, but also of healing and law making.  The masses were uneducated and relied totally on the priesthood for leadership and guidance.  What has come down to us today as sexual taboos, deeply embedded in traditional religious practice, are the remains of old public health laws designed to contain the spread of disease.

HelenReddyHer chapter on AIDS began with the death of Rock Hudson.  Despite professing love and admiration for Hudson at the beginning of the chapter, when I read this parting paragraph I couldn’t help but feel the laughter die on my lips.  After all, is Reddy really just telling us in all this jumbled garbage about religion and taboos that being gay is bad, and AIDS is biblical revenge?

But Reddy ain’t done.  She tells us about the meaning of Diana (she was sent to unblock Britain’s heart chakra which had been all blocked up by being stoic during World War II, oh, and the royal family had her bumped off), the Israel – Palestine conflict (news flash – it will only be resolved when both sides want peace), and the increase of inter-racial children in the world (it is an evolutionary response to the depletion of the ozone layer, stupid).

After 300 pages the reader’s patience is finally rewarded, and Helen reveals some of her own past lives to us all.  Helen Reddy, entertainer, also formerly:

  • Egyptian foreman on pyramid building programme
  • Father of twelve living in an adobe hut
  • Austrian banker
  • Persian merchant killed by Bedouin tribesmen
  • Latino drummer
  • Japanese geisha
  • English classical musician
  • 18 year old Luftwaffe pilot shot down over Britain

Helen, what about Armageddon and the future of the human race?

We are evolving from five-sensory beings into multi-sensory beings as our higher chakras are activated.  We are consciousness, and as consciousness is energy, we can never cease to exist in one form or another.

Absolutely.  Friggin’.  Awesome.

This post is part of a series about the number one songs of 1973 in New Zealand.  The series can be found here.

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