The end of the year

Two clips and two photos to end the year.  I think they are both thought provoking, and represent the good and bad in us.  The first one comes care of Adam who put it in the comments section of my final post about Capitalism.  It is sobering, fascinating viewing, and tells us something negative about the desire of some to manipulate others and control their behaviour.

Which fits exactly with this ad that appeared in The Listener in 1973 – an in your face attempt by a cigarette maker to cash in on feminism, and possibly even a direct hat tip to the torch of liberty idea.

The second clip comes from the end of Kenneth Clark’s series Civilisation which remains my favourite documentary.  Clark’s final statement is remarkable, and a gentle, quietly stated summation of humanism.  I hugely respect this statement of beliefs and agree with it in its entirety.  When I am feeling down I go and watch this:

Which leads me to,

The hand of David.  It is a hand that represents possibilities; the possibility of destruction or creation, of harm or tenderness.  As I get older I am, on the whole, more impressed by the bravery of those who have tried to do something positive and creative with their lives than those who have attempted to control others.  I am increasingly siding with the fool hardiness of David. 

I am looking forward to 2010.

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