I Just Can’t Get Enough


On the outer fringe of the charts in mid January of 1982 (it peaked at number 29) we have Depeche Mode I Just Can’t Get Enough.  Mainly what he can’t get enough of is saying “I can’t get enough” which must account for 80% of the lyrics in the song. My personal favourites from the lyric sheet are:

I just can’t get enough (x16)

(x16? They must have really slaved over these lyrics.)


Just like a rainbow you know you set me free

Sure.  The self-aware freedom-bringing rainbows.  I know them.

I know what a lot of people thought when they saw this kind of thing (click the picture to see the video),

They thought, “that’s not a proper band”.  Either that or, “how do I join gay pride bikers with synths?”

I was in the later camp except I didn’t notice the gay thing because I was nine.  Actually, I didn’t notice this at all until I flicked through my old Smash Hits when I was in my twenties, but this is a whole other post.

Mainly we’re here to admire the hair and the fashion of the video, so let’s get on with it.

There is a pretty even contest here between the men and the women in this video.  It’s hard to decide who the fashion winners are because the women clearly win on their hair, but the dudes are really working the black leather thing.  Still, I think the hair wins.  I mean in this shot where is your eye drawn?  12 year old beanie boy, or 14 year old exploding hair?

You should know she’s wearing a leopard print top as well (easy, tiger).  And then there is this:

Which is magnificent.  Sort of a wave effect going on here, with the crest breaking over her face.  Her drink even has an umbrella up to protect it from the deluge.

But this is my favourite moment from the video.

“I’m sorry son, I’m going to need to see some ID.”

“Oh, I’m terrible sorry sir, but I don’t have any.  You can call my mummy and ask her though.”

“Fair enough.  Sorry to have bothered you.”


It is a long, long way from here to Personal Jesus.

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