Only Crying

A minor hit in New Zealand in early February of 1982, Keith Matshall’s song Only Crying sticks in the mind principally for the singer’s unsuccessful wardrobe and mugging to the camera.

Outside of Britain this song appears to have been a hit in Scandinavian and German speaking countries.  Maybe it reminded the older German generation of great cabaret.

You could listen to the song here if you wanted to, but I really wouldn’t bother.  Apparently Keith used to be in a band called Hello.

There’s another single of Keith’s on youtube called Let Me Rock You which has the same hushed, tedious quality as Only Crying.  The lyrics are spectacular:

take my hand – I feel so good.
Whenever love is just a memory turn to me baby
you can count on me

Let me rock you
let me roll you to.

I feel so good?  Well he certainly seems to have nice skin.

But I have to question his taste in scarves and boots.


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