My new favourite band


Imagination were a band that reached number 49 for a solitary week in the New Zealand chart dated 14 February 1982.  Their song was called Body Talk.  Actually it’s quite cool in a funky, sexy, not so good way.  The video has a sort of Egyptian/Arabian theme going on which is sometimes strangely incongruous.

The real star of the video though is the lead singer who clearly feels that he’s a pretty sexy fellow and wants to beam his love rays down the TV camera into our living rooms.

There is a very odd moment in the video where the lead singer sort of lies his head on his synthesiser and then does a big leg kick.

It’s a move that piqued my interest.  I’m glad it did.

Imagination were a British band who had a whole string of hits in England starting with Body Talk (no. 4 in the UK charts).  Their next two UK singles went to number 16: In and Out of Love, and Flashback.

In and Out of Love features some things we are familiar with,

but also some synchronised swimming, and a fabulous dance routine from the boys

Imagination’s second album featured their number two hit Just an Illusion.  Aside from the usual suspects,

there is this odd little moment:

Which seems a very strange thing to say to wall mounted deer head.  Dude, the deer is feeling down and no amount of electro funk is going to cheer him up.

After the number two hit came the slide in popularity, but the fashion style never died as we can see in their video for Music and Lights.

Almost every video is gold, and every song sounds the same.  It’s like they’re at a non-stop funky party with twenty ridiculous costume changes and twenty-one ridiculous dances.  Thanks to i-tunes and youtube we can still join the party.

So many great looks, so hard to choose a favourite, but I am going to go with this little off the shoulder number to end,

I’d like, hand on my glittering heart, to call it the golden sequined condom of funk.

Imagination, you rock my world.

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2 thoughts on “My new favourite band”

  1. I on the other hand have no memory of Imagination, but am thoroughly enjoying them now. One of the main problems with the Body Talk video is that they are sitting on the floor a lot, but trying to do sexy dancing at the same time which really doesn’t work. The drummer, who is barely in the videos, seems to be still going as Imagination.

  2. LOL I remember Imagination – but I only remember the songs Body Talk and Just An Illusion – the latter being waaaaaaaaaaay better. Body Talk was kinda pervy but being 10 at the time, I didn’t get that. Just An Illusion is a finely crafted electronic pop song and it’s a shame the band disappeared into the “I Still Think I’m Sexy” section of the “Where Are They Now?” clearance aisle.

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