World Ruled By Me

Look! I wrote another song (hey, I can hear those groans).  This time I got Eleanor to sit in the background so there is something to look at other than my bald patch.  You will notice that this video is pretty rock’n’roll because I swear.  Actually, I had intended to say “crap” but I think I got away with it because usually when my filter doesn’t work Eleanor picks up on it instantly and with great delight.

My favourite thing about this video is what Eleanor says at the end.  I think she’ll be a great music reviewer one day.

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6 thoughts on “World Ruled By Me”

  1. Ha! I laughed at that final comment, but Eleanor was wrong this time. What a great song! Next time though, lose the favourite old pink tee shirt and the ‘gay Paris’ line. In the interest of attracting a wider audience. When this song is recorded commercially, to inevitable rave reviews, Eleanor’s comment must be an integral part.

  2. Roger Moore; La whore? Or is that les whore? Sorry, but I never miss an opportunity to say gay paris, likewise I can never say the word Latvia without making it sound ironic. I’m not sure why. ‘Oh, you went to “Latvia” did you?’

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