Daddy’s Home

If you get the tone of this song title wrong I think it makes an effective tag line for a villain in a horror movie.

Daddy’s Home was Cliff Richard’s follow up to Wired for Sound.  It entered the New Zealand charts at the end of February 1982, and reached number four.

You might think I have an unhealthy fixation with Cliff Richard based on my previous writings about the man, and I am beginning to come around to the idea that you would be right.  Some people grimly watch their lowly ranked football team get crushed week in and week out, I watch Cliff Richard videos.

There are a lot of unconvincing things in the world, and Cliff as the lead in a romance  is one thing to add to the heap.  Another would be Cliff playing Heathcliff in the Wuthering Heights musical.

Because the video for Daddy’s Home doesn’t really make sense I decided to reinterpret the video as a public service.

Daddy’s Home

A drama in one act

Scene: An implausible set for an unrealistic pool hall

Time: The 1950s/1980s

Enter Cliff’s lover and their child

Which fits nicely with my thesis that the only women that Cliff can love are dolls.  Literally.

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I wrote a book called Kaitiaki o te Pō

3 thoughts on “Daddy’s Home”

  1. Yeah, the bust wins because it is so awful. You kind of recoil from it in horror and then feel drawn back to it in strange fascination. Strange, awful fascination. Art by the blind was set back for years.

  2. Holy crap! The doll prop is just wretched. I’m stunned. It might be the worst inanimate object ever to be worked into a music video since the sculpted clay bust in Lionel Richie’s Hello:

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