International Women’s Day

When I ran these clips and a poster competition in my classes more than one girl said “when is man’s day?”  I said: “it’s all the other days”.

I was at dinner with some friends quite a while ago and said I was worried (I have daughters) about gender inequality still existing so obviously even in the countries most advanced in the rights of women (let’s not even get into other places).  They sort of pooh-poohed me, and said it is changing, and “she’ll be right”.  This made me cross, but I let it slide because – you know – it’s not worth getting bent out of shape at a dinner party with friends.

Here is what I have been playing my students today.  Have a splendid day (even if you’re a dude).

And, for those of you with staying power (my senior students):

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20 thoughts on “International Women’s Day”

  1. Thank you for this. It’s nice to see something about women where the words “slut” or “prostitute” aren’t bandied about.

    Your students are very lucky.

    So are your daughters.

  2. Awesome. Just plain awesome. Well done. And I worry myself sick over having a daughter in this world.

    I loved all three videos. I must post the second one on my Facebook page so I can offset the “What White/Black/Mormon Girls Say” videos that make me want to blow my brains out.

  3. “I am woman hear me rooar, in numbers to big to ignore …….I am stronfg, I am invinciable, I am woman!”g” That was a mighty song that Helen Reddy sang back in 1975 tocelebrate International Year of Woman.

    SOmetime I think we have regressed. Was the WOman’s Liberation Movement and burnign our bras worth it in the end?i

  4. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday Mr Errors
    Happy birthday to you

  5. Yeah, the students I teach LOVE the second one. It actually has a positive and uplifting quality to it.

  6. Both ahead and behind. You only have to watch 30 minutes of pop music videos to question if real progress has been made.

  7. Thanks.

    If only I could greet birthdays with same delight my five year old greets them. I’m 39. Next year I will need a team of therapists to help me through the day.

  8. ANd what about 50? THat’s me on Good Friday. But it won’t begood. Even the pubs will be closed. I could go to church, but i Would rather eat Easter Eggs. With birhtday coinciding with Easter this year I am going to get a lot, I know. It has happened before. Maybe 50 thsi year?
    Or should I go to my Highs School reunion (50ths woudl you beleive it) instead?

    Jp enjoy your las tyear as a thirty something.

  9. Well said, good sir! I have three sons, and I long to give them a world more equal than the one I grew up in. This sort of post is a great place to start!

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