Is there a fourth prize?

Who is the winner here?

First Prize: “Highly delectable”?  Surely NASA wants this back for their next moon landing?

Second Prize: So handy for making….  Um.  Does it have a clock function?

Third Prize: A wooden spoon is at least handy.

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8 thoughts on “Is there a fourth prize?”

  1. I love the ‘extremely attractive’ Casio-Tune Keyboard. I know when I’m crankin’ out some sweet synth, I like to lood good. Extremely good.

  2. I think Fun Boy Three is the winner.

    I used to have that keyboard! God, those were the days…hanging out and playing ‘It’s a Cruel, Cruel Summer’ on my keyboard…

  3. The Fun Boy Three album is by far the best. It’s a brilliant pop album, with a dark pop vibe, African beats and a bit of glam in the form of guest vocals from Bananarama on a few tracks. Its best known track is the duet with the Bananas, “T’ain’t What You Do (It’s the Way That You Do It)”.

    Fun Boy Three’s second album “Waiting” contained the pop masterpiece “Our Lips Are Sealed”, co-written with Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Gos, who also recorded a version. “Waiting” also has a song about being molested on a school trip.

    Disclaimer: I pretty much love everything Terry Hall has done in his long and varied music career.

  4. Wait, is a video recorder a VCR? I haven’t had one in years and the other day I thought, why don’t we have a VCR? I need one. Would I need to drive a large vehicle so I could haul it home?

    The winner is a video recorder.

  5. Same thing. My local video store is trying to sell its old video casettes. I could mail some to you.

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