If you need cheering up


Sometimes I just don’t have something to make fun of.  Sometimes I just come across stuff from the past that is cool and makes me smile.

It last happened when I discovered that in the first few months of 1982 a song called Trouble was in the top ten in the charts.  It hung around for ages and ages, but I had never heard of it before in my life.  I spent a lot of my teens and twenties listening to commercial radio and reading pop music magazines and it strikes me as remarkable that a song that used to be so popular so completely vanished.

Isn’t it nice to see normal people in a video?  None of these dudes were former male models.  Of that we can be confident.

In March of 1982 in New Zealand a cover version by Sugar Minott was in the top five for a long time.  Actually there was a lot of good music in the top ten pool at the time, but it was all being denied deserved oxygen and light by the pond scum sitting on top called Hands Up by Otawan. 

Firstly, I would love to be called Sugar, so if anyone out there wants to start that movement up, I’d be happy for it to happen (or Tiger, I’ve always wanted to be called Tiger – just putting that out there).  Secondly, the major fact about reggae in 1982 was that Bob Marley had recently died which was (and is) a bummer.  His death reduced the amount of feel good vibes on the planet by about a factor of ten.  As a kid I remember loving his last number one – One Love – and sort of willing it to stay number one forever.

Well, it didn’t (Hands Up!), but there was still good reggae that made you feel good coming out.  Thanks, Sugar.

PS – This blog has been Freshly Pressed.  I only noticed it because its lead post is about The Hunger Games.  I work at a girls school and I can tell you that this is the book of the moment and the excitement about the coming movie is pretty high.  I actually read the first book (in, like, half a day) and Cathy has read the whole series.  They’re not very good, but they’re also very, very compulsive.  Anyway, if you’ve read them, this post was pretty funny.

PPS – Don’t look at the rest of the blog though.  This won’t cheer you up.  She appears to be multi-talented, young and beautiful.  It’s pretty sickening.

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