It’s a slow news cycle

Rather curiously after writing my last post I realised there was a major yeast extract story blowing up in New Zealand that was so important laughable* that it had made international news.

And no, I’m not making this up.  Even our Prime Minister, John Key, has made a comment on the situation.

Good advice.

Actually I used to be a Marmite eater but Cathy turned me into a traitor to my country.


* Aside from Lord of the Rings New Zealand often features internationally in the final piece of the news where the presenters like to have a good-natured chuckle about something inane happening in the world.  When we lived in Japan this happened quite a few times on the Japanese news.  The two New Zealand articles I can remember were a bunch of students racing motorised toilets, and a huge seal that had started hanging out in a small New Zealand town.  I can pretty much guarantee that the Marmite thing is now being reported in Japan right after the weather with a good-natured and slightly patronising air.



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9 thoughts on “It’s a slow news cycle”

  1. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Why why why, why would they do this? :O It’s an outrage I tell you! Do you have a politician I can write a letter of complaint to?

    Great post by the way! Plus, the original Vegemite one. Bravo.

  2. SO how are your supplies holding our JP? My girls love their marmite, even as big girls now.

  3. Ohhhhh yess… marmite on hot buttered toast… it’ll melt into the bread… God that’s good stuff… but I am also shocked and – yes, slightly disgusted – that the Marmite down under is not the good ol’ black stuff from Blighty.


  4. (Yawn.) Doesn’t affect me. So in the way of the good saint Queen Marie Antoinette, I say, let them eat American Vegemite — peanut butter.

  5. Wow.

    I have informed immigration. Expect a rough time at customs if you ever come to this country.

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