The Poetry of: Midge “This Means Nothing To Me” Ure

I was lucky enough to catch up with the “artist” Midge the other day, and ask him about his latest collection Rage in Eden (1981).

Hammy: Thanks for meeting me today.

Midge: No problem.

H: I’ve been a fan since Vienna.

M: Thanks.

H: But I never really understood what that song was about.

M: (laughs)

H: (singing) “The image is gone, only you and I, this means nothing to me, Oh Vienna.”  Vienna?

M: “Alone in the night as the daylight brings a cold empty silence.”  Sounds cool ay?

H: Uh-huh. So, I was wondering if you could talk me through the meaning of some of your latest work?

M: Sure.

H: Let’s start with the single The Voice.  What’s that about?

M: The words speak for themselves.

H: Really?

M: Sure, listen to them…

H: And that’s about…?

M: Changing contours of decay drawing on the crying lines I once lost.

H: Sure.  How about the title track Rage In Eden?

M: What about it?

H: Well, is it about… let’s say, the garden of Eden?

M: (snorts) Of course not.  Listen.

H: Is mumoured a word?

M: Keep listening, the meaning becomes clear in the second half.


M: See?

H: What the f&%k does that mean?

M: (singing) “We raised our glasses and drank to times we had but’d see no more”

H: But’d?

M: (still singing) “A different light that’s cast upon this gigolo and gigolette”


M: “Their heavy perfume of the night sucked them down in red tide.”

H: (standing) Right, I’m leaving.  Whatever you do, never, ever write a charity record.

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8 thoughts on “The Poetry of: Midge “This Means Nothing To Me” Ure”

  1. I had to google Midge and I came up with “comprised of many kinds of two-winged flies found worldwide.” I don’t think that’s him, but I might turn it into some song lyrics.

  2. Howdy. How did you hear it, because looking at the comments below and Wikipedia it seems that it never charted anywhere in the US.

  3. LOL Don’t be knockin’ Midge.

    Everyone forgets that it was Saint Bob Geldof AND Midge Ure who wrote “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

    That song had some very Ultravox / Ure like moments…

  4. LOL At least you can understand which words are being said, even if you can’t understand the true meaning behind the words.

    Have you listened to any track from Howard Jones’ Human’s Lib album recently?? 😛

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