What it means to be a New Zealander

First off, let me answer this question:

No I don’t.  Also, I don’t remember my Gran looking like this.  My Gran did not make homemade bread or luscious lamingtons or perfect pies.  She made me porridge for breakfast, and she boiled three vege and cooked some meat for dinner.  I don’t think I ever had pasta or rice at her place, and we definitely never had noodles.  She made huge vats of bright orange cordial and put them in one litre bottles, and she preserved or turned into jam the millions of plums that came off her plum tree every year.  In all these cases the magic ingredient that made it all taste so good was lots of sugar.

Ok, so now that we’ve answered that question, let’s see what’s on offer here.

$9.00?  Sorry, I got the punctuation wrong, I mean $9.00!  Measuring spoons!  New Zealand recipes! 

Ok, I’m intrigued.

  • Home-made bread
  • Lamingtons
  • Colonial Beef
  • Lamb Pie
  • Frozen Plum Pudding

I never knew that we invented homemade bread in New Zealand.  I think we should be more famous for this because bread is pretty popular.  Lamingtons.  Certainly yummy, but from Australia.  Colonial Beef?  Might be some kind of curry dish.  Again, I am surprised we invented beef curry.  I thought it would have been the British in India who decided to stop letting all those sacred animals go to waste and chopped a few up with some turmeric.  Yum.

Also, we invented baby sheep (we call them “lambs”).

Lamingtons?  Check.  Chicken salad in a lettuce basket?  Questionable.  Exploding fruit volcano cake?  Fricken awesome.

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6 thoughts on “What it means to be a New Zealander”

  1. Better than when the Brady Bunch made a volcano explode in their living room! Would this explode fruit cocktail? Sign me up for this recipe.

    Judging by the old magazine photos I’ve investigated in recent months (via your blog and mine), I’m convinced that all food in the ’70s and ’80s tasted like wax fruit and crusty browned eggs. Life must’ve sucked back then more than I recall.

  2. I’m pretty sure no one ate most of this food. I think it was just in magazines and index cards. It was definitely a less flavoured world in terms of spices and garlic and stuff. I can remember garlic bread being THE thing to order as a fancy entree in New Zealand in the late 1970s. So fancy. So French. Soooooooo lame (I ate it by the truck load… along with shrimp cocktails).

  3. Lamingtons?! Pavlova should be on the list! What happened? The exploding fruit volcano looks awesome.

  4. Those recipe card collections used to be big. Somehow I inherited a collection from my gran, of recipes for natural beauty products. It was incomplete, making me wonder if she’s given up collecting the packs. All I remember from it was a suggestion to scrape the oil from an orange skin into skin cream for added, er, orangeness? I ended up squeezing orange juice into my mum’s Nivea, which made her very cross.

    Also, I highly recommend the Weight Watchers Recipe Cards site, a look at some of the insane stuff dieters were encouraged to eat in the 1970s, in weekly card instalments.

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