Stakeholders request a meeting

So, I was channel surfing last night and came across something very strange.  Something that gave me that exact same feeling as the Canadian chipmunk.






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8 thoughts on “Stakeholders request a meeting”

  1. Not only would I watch a te reo-dubbed Mr Ed, I would probably learn something from it. For example, I now know how to hypnotise a Maori horse.

    As has been learned in countries like Wales and Ireland, people are much more likely to watch indigenous language TV that’s entertaining. What those countries have that Maori TV doesn’t is a soap. Te Mangai Paho probably doesn’t have a lot of money to do so, but it would be brilliant if there was a locally produced soap in te reo Maori that was as good at Shortland Street.

  2. “people are much more likely to watch indigenous language TV that’s entertaining”

    Even when I was a kid I couldn’t understand Mr Ed. Entertaining? Downright bizarre.

    I agree about Shortland Street though. Tonight’s episode was a cracker.

  3. Thank goodness this is just dubbed and they didn’t have to re-exploit Mr. Ed to get him to to speak Maori.

    Mr. Ed was the dumbest show on the planet but I when I was in high school I’d watch it religiously at 1 a.m. when we were out for summer break. I can probably thank Mr. Ed for not being a teenage binge drinker.

  4. I was flabbergasted when I came across it while channel surfing recently. I had to call Lynn to come and see as i thought I might be imagining it. I understand the idea behind trying to make the language more approachable but Mr Ed?
    I too am cynical about the intentions. Maori TV turns up some of the best films in its scheduling but there is quite a bit of stuffing going on too.

  5. Well, it’s nice to know he was useful to someone. I can equally imagine that he turned a lot of people on to drink.

  6. Maori TV is pretty good, but – yeah – Mr Ed? Bet the dudes doing the voice overs never thought they be dubbing Mr Ed when they were signing up for the Maori TV gig.

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