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If you look at the pictures on the outside of say a packet of biscuits or a box of cereal you may notice some small print.  The small print must be there for legal reasons.  Quite often you see a disclaimer saying something about the photo not showing the actual size of the product.  Recently I noticed that if the photo shows the product with any other type of food it has to be labelled as a “serving suggestion”.  Some how this just seems like the wrong term.  What they really want to say is either (a) this is what you eat it with dumb arse, or (b) we’re trying to make a lump of food interesting by putting it with other stuff (dumb arse).

I think this photo fits into category (a):

This is not really a suggestion.  This is in fact what you do with Vegemite.  It would be like Toyota “suggesting” you put petrol in your car.

Into category (b) comes this kind of thing:

If this is actually a serving suggestion then it seems that Sanitarium are indicating we should fill up our bowl with milk, put it on the floor, and drop all our Wheet Bix and sliced fruit in it from a ladder.  Which is fine by me, but seems messy.

Biscuit packets also offer helpful hints about how to serve their products.  This is a nice touch:

How about some little mint leaves with your mint biscuit?

This is my favourite suggestion though,

How about halving a coconut and serving that with your next macaroon?  It’s these little Martha Stewart touches that can really enliven an otherwise boring snack.

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7 thoughts on “Serving Suggestion”

  1. giggling away – you’re so right, specially the (dumb-arse) bits! When I taught English to a Chinese girl once upon a long time ago, we went to the supermarket and it was a very interesting experience trying to tell her what was ACTUALLY in the packets vs the great ‘serving suggestions’ on the pictures. “No, you don’t get all of that, you just get this little wee part of the picture…”

  2. You have no idea how happy I am to see you back here blogging. Writing about this inane kind of stuff is always your best comedic work.

    That is the tiniest coconut I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s like it was grown specially for that picture. Are those coconut-flavored TimTams? Oh please let it be so.

    By the way, now that I know you’re back in the blogosphere, I can Dynomite! your cat-riding photo. I thought it might be in poor taste to use it, without you around to defend yourself. Instead now it’ll simply be in poor taste, with you around to defend yourself.

  3. Maybe Rosamund has been reading the Weetbix serving suggestions – might explain why she thinks hurling food acroos the room and throwing it on the floor from the great height of her high chair is normal eating behaviour!

  4. Had Tim Tams tonight. Yummy. No serving suggestions. I guess nobody needs help with Tim Tams – stuff them into your mouth.

    Could be small coconut; could be HUGE biscuits.

    Re: cat-riding. Some things are indefensible.

  5. It’s like the makers of Vegemite are worried we’ll think we just eat it straight out of the jar. “Gark! This stuff is disgusting!”

  6. Replying to you is just silly because you’re sitting next to me on the couch reading this as I type it.

  7. Welcome back, JP 🙂

    I have to say, I’m a little confused about your wife’s comment. Is she trying to say that’s not normal eating behaviour? Please help me to understand because my parents never explained that to me.

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