Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

At number six on the charts in New Zealand on 6 June 1982 was Dr Hook and Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk.

I’m pretty sure that this video can be summarised by watching this for about three minutes:

Again, like the previous video, I don’t want to charge in like a herd of kittens and ruin a sophisticated metaphor, but what is being suggested here, by Mr Dr Hook, is that the blue jeans the young lady in this video is wearing are “saying something” to the gentleman who observe her passing by.

Although it is hard to translate denim on bottom I think the following messages might be evident:

1. high waisted jeans don’t really go out of fashion if you’ve got an ass that won’t quit

2. the human capacity to admire the body parts of other human beings is pretty weird if you, say, fixate on a bottom for three minutes in a pop video.

Bottoms seem to have been pretty big in June of 1982.  At number nineteen on the chart in New Zealand was the (thankfully) little heard Queen song Body Language.  Aside from being awful, it is a song that features a lot of wet bottoms.  For a song so transparently about sex this is a video very unlikely to light your flame (well, maybe it does, and – if it does – please don’t tell me).


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5 thoughts on “Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk”

  1. True. But I think while one video might be good fun, a trend of videos like this tends to suggest something more sexist overall about society. Anyway, my main complaint is that the dude who directed the video got paid too much. Seriously? This is like 40% made up of one shot of (a quite pleasing) ass.

  2. Get a life for goodness sake…why do we hide what we are? Men and women are sexual animals and the face that owned that ass clad in denim had a broad smile on her face. She knew what she had and was loving every minute.

  3. Sorry, but there’s one and only one true Dr Hook classic for me – When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman. Sheer class. If that doesn’t melt the heart of your beloved, nothing will. 😛

  4. Oh dear. Another classic case of bad taste from the eighties. I cringe thinking of that video clip now and even more on playing the song in my head. One memory I wish to erase. Some of the Dr Hook tunes were not that bad, like She was only SIxteen and Walk Right In. But this one.. ew. The start of their decline I’m afraid. Always thought those dudes were a lttle creepy myself.

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