The return of the innane

Also, of course, I have a duty to maintain my low standards while I’m pontificating about education.

Don’t worry, my quest through 1982 has only been temporarily delayed, and not permanently ended.

How about this copy from an ad in 1982?

I know right?  Aglow with lustrous sheen?  Fused in fire?  Persimmons, aubergines, paisley?  This is like being in sexy greengrocers flirting nonchalantly across the subtle spicy sophisticated floral counter.

What on earth could it be advertising?


Sounds good.   Intriguing even.  But there is a hint of trouble.

Express soft harmonies in creams and beige.


Nothing good ever came of beige.

My pulse is racing.

But wait, there’s more.  Drink this is:

Yes.  You have forgotten taste. 

As if one porcelain dog were not enough you have two, and a miniature David.  Never mind the macrami pot plant holders and the wood veneer feature wall.  Was this bathroom designed by Del Boy?

Is there a God?

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4 thoughts on “The return of the innane”

  1. If I were looking for an album title Too Peach to be Fawn, Too Tan to be Pink would be it. Are tan and pink even next to each other on the colour wheel? Genius.

  2. That bathroom reminds me of something that Navin Johnson would’ve designed for himself on the 1979 Steve Martin movie, The Jerk. Specifically the part where he writes home to his dad after becoming a millionaire — (paraphraising) “Dad, you remember how I always wanted a red billiards room with a giant stuffed camel…and you remember how I always used to chitchat with Mom about how I wanted a bathtub shaped like a giant clam shell….well I got that too.”

  3. Steve Martin. When was he last funny? Still, the same could be said of many of the SNL crew. Still love Bill Murray though.

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