Happy Birthday

It was Rosamund’s second birthday yesterday.  Such a splendid day.  We sat out on the lawn under the magnolia tree and had the first bbq of the year.  Cathy’s food, as always, was wonderful. 

Although, on a slightly sour note, I do have to question the driving technique of some of the tiny teddy bears involved in this photo shoot.

After the party we went out to dinner at some friends’ house.  It was a very enjoyable evening marred only by my narcolepsy.  I fell asleep holding a glass of wine, and again holding (oh the irony) a cup of coffee.  Which reminded us all that we need to see My Own Private Idaho again.

The evening was wrapped up with a half hour improvised dance performance by Rosamund to Future Sound of London.

Happy Birthday, Rosamund.


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday”

  1. What a sweety. She’s growing up so fast. 2 today.. 22 tomorrow. It goes to quickly.
    Love the Teddy cars.

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