Things Rhys couldn’t forsee

Once the two DJs have resigned, it would be nice to think that the CEO would do likewise.  Rhys Holleran is a good example of someone who takes legal advice before opening his mouth.  I think that he may be responsible for making the phrase “nobody could have reasonably foreseen…” notorious.  He’s right.  Nobody could have reasonably foreseen what happened.  I think the two DJs should resign because it’s the decent thing to do.  That’s all.  Very, very silly people say they have blood on their hands.  Well, they don’t.  They are clearly devastated, as you can see if you follow this link.

If you look to the left of the article linked above you will find some idiot called Anonymous offering death threats to 2dayFM.  What a dick.

Key to this though is the next clip down called Austereo tried to contact hospital: a ten minute radio interview with the CEO of the company Rhys Holleran.  The reporter gets to the nub of the problem towards the end when he asks Rhys if there is a culture problem in the station.  Rhys doesn’t think so.  He thinks you could look at their community work and equally conclude they were wonderful.  I suppose you could look at John Tamihere’s relationship with his mum, and conclude he had nothing but respect for women as well.

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