Review: Tiny Ruins – Old as the Hills


This is a song.  By someone called Tiny.  Miss Ruins.  This is an unusual name.  I have met someone called Memory.  Someone called Choice.  Chasm.  Jazlin.  Maybe it’s something to do with music.  There’s a guy called  Tinie Tempah.  I’ve seen him on Graham Norton.  He’s quite small.  Tiny – Miss Ruins – doesn’t seem that small, but it’s quite hard to tell from the video.  Anyway, as I said, this is a song about someone who is as old as the hills (and as warm as a train).  I’m not sure what it’s about, but people (and dogs) die, and there is some nice seafood.  I would strongly recommend it to you when you are feeling wistful.  Or trying to impress a woman with your good taste, soulfulness and complexity.  I don’t recommend this song if you live in Johnsonville.

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