Review: One News – Boston Marathon



TVNZ.  Their decor, clothing and stylists have done a wonderful job.  Remember the bad old days? We had to watch just one person present, to one camera, and the weather was some stickers of the sun or rain on a map.  That was shit.  Whatever they spent sorting out the weather was worth it.  The weather is f*&king awesome now.  Actually coverage overall is great.  I am loving the endless reporting on how an 87-year-old woman died in Britain.  I hope we get extended coverage of the funeral procession like they did for Chaves.  Remember that?  I also liked the balanced approach they took to bomb blasts.  The terrible tragedy of Boston where three people have been killed and over 100 injured was well handled over the first ten minutes of the news, and the terrible tragedy of the bomb blasts across Iraq days before elections which killed 50 and injured hundreds was – I think appropriately – totally ignored.

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