Review: Something I Ain’t Seen – New Vinyl


This is a song by a band called New Vinyl called Something I Ain’t Seen.  New Vinyl won the Smokefree Rockquest in 2012.  While I love this song I feel duty bound to report their driving.  Here is the rego.


Hopefully the Nelson police can crack down on this kind of thing.  Also, it’d be great if they could do a raid on the house of the director who came up with this video.  I’m not sure what the charges would be, but hopefully they would scare them out of the industry because whoever they are they misread a beautiful, wistful, sad teenage song and turned it into some dicks driving around doing random shit.  Really the video concept should have started at 2’19”:  get your mates together, go down to the beach, light a fire, and sing the songs you love.

PS – If you like this try the singer’s soundcloud for more (without videos).  Sebastian is a good too, but it’s all good overall.

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