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The Opposition parties are staring down a deluge of research reports that have threatened to drown their Pharmac-like solution to high power prices in a sea of numbers.

Credit Suisse (partnered with First NZ Capital), Forsyth Barr – which are all advising on the Mighty River Power float in some capacity – and UBS, have respectively called the scheme “fraught with difficulty”, a “hand grenade”, and “unworkable”.

A Credit Suisse report said the 10 per cent reduction in power cost targeted by the Opposition could be achieved under the current scheme, so “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.


Is this news?  This level of bias is laughable.  Fairfax could try some of these headlines:

  • Nazi’s call closing concentration camps “unworkable”.
  • KKK say civil rights bill is “fraught with difficulty”.
  • NRA believe gun reform is a potential “hand grenade” in US society.

Credit Suisse.  Credit Suisse?  Now there’s a business that’s (ahem) “invested” in New Zealand’s future.

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