Little Buckets: 20 May, 1913


Topics of the Day include a discussion on the possible benefits of moving pictures for education purposes.

Evening Post, Volume LXXXV, Issue 118, 20 May 1913, Page 6
Evening Post, 20 May 1913, Page 6

Naturally there are a number of dangers to be considered.  The tendency of the French to produce work with an erotic sensibility, and of the American to produce sensational material.  Cryptically the Editor comments: “It is against the second of these tendencies that there is the most need for protection in this country.”  Presumably the sensible New Zealander is above erotic stimulation.

There are other dangers too,


Thankfully children’s shows nowadays steer well away from silliness, vulgarity and melodrama.  Nothing attracts juvenile viewers more than sobriety, and good taste.

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