Review: Kiwi Blue Eco Twist


100% recyclable?  Sure,  if you can be bothered.  How about taking a reusable bottle and using the tap?  How about just not needing to have a drink every ten seconds?  Easy to twist?  This is a feature?  Since when was this a feature of things you buy?

“Help save the planet.”  Only arseholes could sell plastic throwaway water bottles and have that as their tag line.

Kiwi Blue Eco-Twist.  Kiwi?  Coca-Cola is Kiwi now?  Breathtaking.

I really don’t like telling people what to do… but, seriously, don’t buy bottled water.  It is so wrong, and so wasteful it should just be banned.

Dear people who have left comments on this post in the past about flouride.  No. Still not an acceptable reason to drill for oil, create plastics, fill bottles with water, and toss them out.  Millions and millions of bottles all the time.  But thanks for all your comments about me being “stupid”.

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