Old news; new world order

One of these days I’m going to f&%k your daughter

This poor boy, gunna make you see

All the way up in your girl – well hello Miss Key

@peace, Kill the PM

@peace released  a song called Kill the Prime Minister.  I heard it this morning.  I think the title of the song gives us the main message, but here it is: everyone’s broke and he’s (John Key’s) playing golf so he’s (the singer’s) gonna kill the prime minister.  There is a middle section:

Suck my dick. C%nt. Fu&k my sh$t.

The only other thing that really stands out in the song is the stuff about John Key’s daughter.

Which is just horrible.

The justification on the group’s Facebook page is this:


@peace go on to explain:

I do not want to literally kill this man. I do not wish to have sexual relations with anybody related to him. Let’s not pretend a silly little song ever changed anything. Last I seen famine was still going pretty strong since ‘Heal The World’ came out. It’s just a song. No different from Thatcher era punk. Anyone ever heard “Maggie you’re a c*&t”..?

Putting aside the mixed message of “songs make no difference” versus “here’s our song to try and make a difference”, or that the intent of a song like Heal the World is in any way connected to the intent of Kill the PM, the message on the Facebook page is good.  The song isn’t.  Don’t get me wrong.  It sounds good, and I can hum along to the chorus after only one listen, so it nails it on that front – and that’s a hard front to nail – but I’m wondering, again, where the culture of rap and hip hop gets off perpetuating casual misogyny.

The only place John Key’s daughter has in this song is as an act of violence towards John Key.  In the context of the song I think that is fair comment.  I believe that John Key has a son.  He is not mentioned in the song.  I suppose this is because the singer would have to threaten to kill him too which would be repetitive, or have sex with him which is not something the “urban music” fraternity have really embraced that much.  Homosexuality I mean, not sleeping with John Key’s son.

In the Herald John Key was succinct:

Asked about sexual lyrics about his daughter he said she should be kept out of it.

“I think the vast bulk of New Zealanders would agree with me on that.”

Which means I am agreeing with John Key, and believe me that doesn’t make me happy.

Of course when it comes to John Key and people saying and doing things that cross boundaries he is not exactly the go to man for a quote that has integrity.  Which is what some people have been tweeting.

These tweets go a long the lines that because Key has done essentially nothing about the serious, vile and corrosive actions of people he is in direct contact with – people who have engaged in the most extreme and hateful language against others – then no one should be wasting time defending Key against @peace.

I think that’s a terrible argument because it accepts Key’s point.  Key’s point is that politics is just like that.  The fact that so many people continue to be angry about Dirty Politics proves that many people think that, actually, politics shouldn’t be like that, and isn’t – in fact – like that for most people in politics.  Of course people will disagree with me.  I run a similar line on the death penalty.  You can’t punish people for murder by murdering them. To me it makes no moral sense.  Similarly, you can’t be outraged about dirty politics and give a free pass for people to attack those who appear to condone it.

But you know what really irks me? It’s not the Kill the PM thing.  I get that.  It sits next to F the Police.  It expresses anger.  I don’t like it, but I get it.  I listen to Rage Against the Machine after all.  What irks me is the Stephanie Key thing.  I think that is terrible.  In the world this song describes women are, for the one millionth time, victims of violence by men.  The silence on that, or the justification of it sort of amazes me.  It’s like a funky back beat anesthetizes the critical faculties.

Musician and academic Graeme Downes says Mr Scott is singing the same revenge fantasies Bob Dylan did 50 years ago, and both are expressions of futility.

“It’s the curse of popular music,” says Downes. “I mean, you can make a protest in rather intellectual and sophisticated ways and no one would take a blind bit of notice of it and it will fly under the radar, or you can say something a little bit more outspoken and it can get people’s attention – but probably for a week.”

TV3 News

A bit more outspoken?  Like: Maggie You’re a C*&t.

Funny how a female politician was described as a sexual organ.  Funny how it comes up time after time.  It wasn’t so long ago I was watching Seven Days comedians call Jacinda Adern, Cindy Hard On and ask her if she was going to get a penis like Helen Clark.  You can see it in the book Dirty Politics; this attitude to women.


But then, you know that, you can see it everywhere.  It must be depressingly familiar to some.

“We’re trying to teach young people about respectful relationships, and commenting about wanting to have sex with the Prime Minister’s daughter is absolutely inappropriate and offensive,” says Rape Prevention Education director Kim McGregor.

It’s not a disgrace sometimes.  It’s not something that has to change when the right do it, or the left, or the rich or the poor.  It’s something that has to change.

Full.  Stop.


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2 thoughts on “@peace”

  1. I try to remember two points to live by; 1.) What is it you want? 2.) Will your words and actions help get you what you want?

    If you want more people to take your side in a disagreement with a political leader, then how will attacking that leader’s daughter help you reach this goal?

    I don’t think it does.

    When to Bod Dylan ever write a song with lyrics that match the ones in this song? I don’t know his work all that well, but I don’t recall him ever advocating for violence against anyone.

    It’s always interesting to read your blog, because it is the only window I have into live in New Zealand.

  2. So is it ok to threaten kill John Key, while singing a song but not while you’re consulting a psycologist – in which case the psycologist will report you and you’ll be sentenced to 13 months jail (Keith William Maybey).

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