Sunday: 17 Again

Eleanor watched 17 Again this morning on Netflix.  I think she picked it because we’ve been watching High School Musical and Zac Efron is in 17 Again too.  This is where I tell you that I like Zac Efron, and that High School Musical, and High School Musical 2 are pretty good movies* (we’ve not seen 3 yet, but it is only a matter of time).  17 Again is also a good movie* in the rich genre of body swapping/going back to high school movies that America excels in.

Anyway, this is all a really long way for me to tell you that one of the highlights of 17 Again is Zac’s nerdy friend, and that he has one scene in the movie that reminded me of a mate of mine.  This is the scene.

I have actually lived through this scene multiple times.  In this scenario I would be the hot date, and my friend would be the guy tasting the wine (although I should state, for the record, that I have never been anyone’s hot date.  And that I’m not a woman.).  My friend actually tasted wine this way.  I am not suggesting that this clip is an exaggerated version of how he tasted wine, I am saying that this is how he actually. tasted. wine.

Two things.  First, when he came to see Cathy and I in Japan and he did this at a quite fancy Italian restaurant in Tennoji the waitress was super impressed.  Second, when he did it in Logan Brown I remember the stunned expression on the wine waiter’s face who looked as if he had just walked in on his parents having sex.  In the middle of Logan Brown.

Is there are message to this story?  Maybe it would be something like: you can put up with a lot when you like someone.  I must have sat through my friend’s excruciating wine ritual about a dozen times.  There was always that sphincter tightening moment when the waiter would come over with a bottle and ask my friend if he wanted to taste the wine.  Of course he f*&king wanted to taste the wine!  Aside from the act of his wine tasting (which was worse?  The attempting to drink the wine through his nose, or the sucking of the wine across the palette like a reversed spa jet filter?) there was the painful personal question of what you were supposed to do with yourself while this was happening.  I tended to look at my foot for what seemed eternity, but this never seemed adequate.  What I should have done, I suppose, is said: “Jesus, what the f*&k are you doing you pompous ass?”

But I never did.  I didn’t seem him that often, and it clearly gave him great pleasure, and I’m a wimp.


*I don’t actually mean “good movie” as in – you should see it because it is a good movie – I mean that if you have nothing better to do then these movies are mildly entertaining and harmless which is a really handy category of movie when you have a nine year old daughter.


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