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Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings paid $8.3 million.

“Clearly these numbers are high from a New Zealand perspective and we absolutely respect and understand that, from an Australasian and a global perspective which is the nature of our business, they’re actually well within the bands of what those global executives earn.”

– John Wilson, Fonterra Chair

No one should be paid $8.3 million.

I feel like this point requires no further explanation.  John Wilson would justify a racist rally in NZ by saying: “from a global perspective there are race rallies all over the world including the USA”.

Richie McCaw.  Good on you for manipulating New Zealanders into backing Fonterra.  To me you are on about the same level as a tobacco lobbyist.  Like Chris Bishop the new “hardworking” MP for Hutt South.  Chris effing Bishop.  Chris “you can’t make a law to stop climate change” Bishop.

The left became very reasonable this election.  Could you ask for more reasonable than Jacinda and James?  Defeat was softened.  The defeated were defeated by a smaller margin.  That’s about all you can say.  When the right have access to slogans like “hardworking kiwis” and when “farmer” is about as powerful as All Black as a word to conjure with, well… you can’t reprogram a century and half of cliche.  The long karma of Labour betraying socialism in 1984 continues.

In 1984 reform was needed.  That’s all.  Reform.  Look what we got.  A resetting of the nation over decades towards the software of capitalism.  Now everything is measured in money.  Everything.  Treaty settlements are in money.  Even the Green Party talks in money.  Labour wants off-shore drilling.  This is going into a chemo centre and offering around cigarettes.  Soon, I suppose, it will be the equivalent of offering around cigarettes in a hospice which is macabre but, you know, the conclusion is foregone so why not have a last puff?

Let’s be clear, the National government’s strategy over the last decade has been to encourage dairy.  This is over the last decade where climate change has become an inescapable reality, when the health of our environment and rivers has dropped sharply, when increasing numbers of people are aware of exactly how shitty the business of getting milk is and what it does to cows.  Meanwhile on TV we see ads showing perfectly nice farmers getting flown around the world to see what wonders their milk products are performing.  What are we celebrating when we see Chinese eating pizzas made with “our” wonderfully science-aged mozzarella?  Globalisation?  Homogenisation (no pun intended)? Air miles?  Packaging?

Water tax outraged the farmers.  The collapsing health of water sources is not their concern.  Even a contribution to help brought them on to the streets.  A long time ago they dumped manure at parliament because of the “fart tax”.  Those straight shooting farmers really showed us, eh?  What pure water we have left is shipped overseas.  Bottled in plastic, and then shipped across the planet.  This is morally wrong, and will be regarded as so in the future.  I often wondered how people lived with themselves during slavery.  This is analogous.    Knowing what we know and allowing water to be put in plastic bottles and shipped across the planet?  Knowing what we know and accepting that we need to expand intensive agriculture?  That’s how slavery worked.  The pain, and costs were externalised somewhere else.  The end product was nice.  Sugar.  Tobacco. Cotton.  Or should I say milk, i-phones, pump bottles.

Go to a conference.  Eat the food in the takeaway plastic containers and drink the bottle of water.  Go to a charity event and take the free T-shirt.  Upgrade to the latest phone.  It’s ok.  Soon we’ll be in the hospice and cigarettes will be a guilt-free treat again.


It’s really raining today.  I wonder how the homeless woman by the community centre is going.


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