2017: 43: 1

It has always been around, it will always have a niche
But they’ll make it a privilege, not a right
Accessible only to the rich

Femme Fetal, Digable Plants

Get a hold of your sexism Aotearoa, it’s going to be a fun ride.  Having Jacinda in charge is like – to use a sporting simile, which I very rarely do – a sudden side step and fend to the face of older white men.  They gonna be like: “Can’t I just trundle along being a complacent chauvinist” and women gonna be like: “If you wanna look like a tool every time you open your mouth then… yes.”

Leighton Smith gave us a whole script of fuck-wittery recently:

“But I mean, seriously, an old codger and a chicky babe. Let’s just put it in the vernacular, okay? An old codger and a chicky-babe….  How do you think that would have gone? After all the years of experience and everything that has gone before, how do you think [Peters] would have dealt with that? But there wouldn’t have been any room for that, with the political correctness under which we all live now, he would have had to play his cards very close to his chest, or at least his emotion.”

Political correctness is a code word.  It means: “we can’t get to be complacent arseholes anymore and take women, other races and poor people for granted like we used to.  Christ, you can’t even call the special needs kids ‘cabbages’, or make fun of retards.”

Leighton Smith.  Just calling a spade a spade.  So long as he is digging a hole for himself he can call the spade a spade I guess.  From the bottom of a coffin shaped hole he can keep telling us all about how young women are chicky babes until the surplus-to-requirement cows come home.

Let’s not think it will always be men who say things that are troubling about gender, after all everyone is soaking in the juices of tradition.  Here is an older Pacific Island woman in Mängare:

Another resident said it was better to have a leader with children.

“She needs to understand what’s going on … be a family person.

“She has to understand it to fix it.”

I see what this person is saying, but please.  John Key and Bill English by this definition had a better understanding of what was going on than Jacinda does, and that strikes me as flat out untrue.  It is tempting to assign qualities to people based on their appearance, gender, sexuality, race, religion, marital status… it’s a long list, because it is quicker, quicker than waiting to see what people do, and how they act, and making judgments based on that.  But, you know, let’s do that.

It’s tough out there for wankers right now.

Tough for Mike Hosking, Duncan Garner, Sean Plunket.

Duncan Garner who suggested Taika Waititi was treasonous for saying things that are true about Aotearoa, and broke out into a cold sweat when he saw foreign looking people at K-Mart failing to notice all the British and South African migrants because they are the right colour and speak English.

Sean Plunket who called Eleanor Catton a traitor and a “hoa”, and then pretended he was “fishing” when he tweeted to check if anyone was “feeling for” Harvey Weinstein.  Given his TOP election day tweet it has become clear that Sean thinks he is “clever” with language.  So clever he told Colin Peacock on Media Watch that the whole Weinstein tweet illustrated how crap journalists were because no one bothered to ask him what he was “feeling for” Weinstein.  Jesus.   “Feeling for” has a very specific meaning.  Dick.  Maybe he requires clarification on a bunch of things.  Manhole.  That’s a cover over an access point to the drains and sewers in the road, Sean, and not the hole between your chin and nose that you use to talk smack.

Tough for Mike Hosking because he became by default a more credible journalist on Thursday because he is now critical and skeptical of the government rather than just an arm of its PR.  What’s his slogan: “the difference is opinion”?  I thought opinion was like arseholes?  Anyway, he’s not up to the job of being credible.  It will tucker him out.  Maybe make him the co-host and get his long line of bored female sidekicks to take the lead and he can spend more time detailing his cars.

If there’s one thing I know about sexist assumptions, and white privilege it’s how persistent it is.  It’s like athletes foot.  You have to be ruthless with it; to keep at it every time it springs up and not leave it to Jacinda, or Labour or the Greens to comment on.  Every time it pops up remember that the only way to get rid of it is with a toxic fungal spray.  It is everywhere.  Take the white privilege headline stating that now that Labour is in power the “party is over” for housing.  Party.  Party for whom?

Which is the troubling thing about our media which often seems to work like our elections work.  Our elections are the product not of what people want, but of what those people who are acculturated to vote want.  Our mainstream media is not reflective of our society but a reflection of what people who are acculturated to watch mainstream media want.  If you voted for John and then Bill, and watched One News, and then Seven Sharp the whole package made sense.  It was a nice cycle that reinforced a certain worldview and prejudices and assumptions.

And it’s all still there.  Cycling around.

Go to the sports news.  I know you never do, but go and look at it for me.  How many women do you see there?  How many female sports teams?  It’s a bit weird isn’t it?  A whole section of “news” that is essentially free of women, (and LGBTQIA+).  What would a gender-balanced sports news look like?


What could the world look like?

Nine years of “keep everything the same”.  What could the world look like?


What is it to take care of yourself? Getting paid? Getting laid? Getting married? Getting pregnant? Fighting for visibility in your market? Realizing your potential? Being healthy, being clean, not making a fool of yourself, not hurting yourself? Shaving in all the right places.

Take Care of Yourself, Jenny Hval



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