2018: 10: 6.1

Sacred Nara Deer-Pigs – Nara Park
Inside Todaiji – Nara
What nightmares are made of – Kintetsu Nara Station
Man Deer Bum 1
Man contemplates the meaning of life while deer bites his arse – Nara Park

Went to Nara.  The two main things to do are (a) get mauled by sacred deer who might be sacred but sure are asking for a kick up the jacksy with their feed me feed me antics, and (b) see Todaiji which houses a very large Buddha.  (Very large.)  One of the more memorable moments was a deer that went for slash in front of us then started drinking the puddle of its own urine.  I’m being facetious.  Todaiji is magnificent.  It was the first place we went for “culture” when we got our bearings and the first time I had ever encountered the east.  Still, that deer lapping at the puddle was pretty memorable too.  In its own way.

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