2018: 11: 2.1

Cassette store in Tokyo makes deal with Gucci – Japan Times
Parfaits with pork, prawn or Hot Dog – Kyoto
Knife shop – Kyoto
Paper and calligraphy shop – Kyoto

Finished reading Basho’s different journals composed of haiku.  Knowing no humility I attempt the same.

Special edition

beer and the wrong weight of coat:

first buds will not bloom.

From the bridge near our hotel in Osaka you could see Osaka Castle and bare limbed cherry trees lining the river.  Soon the flowers will be out and the parks all around will be full of cherry blossom viewing picnic parties.

Our nearest station was Sakuranomiya.  We left this morning for Kyoto.

Kyobashi. Sanjo.

From Sakuranomiya

in sixty minutes.

We bought “premium class” seats from Kyobashi to Kyoto. It was worth it for the lack of worry about getting  a seat and space for our four suitcases.  The view out the train window was as I remembered between the two cities: scrappy fields, apartment blocks, hills in the distance.

Apartment building

balconies: laundry hung on

plastic racks; fat futons.

Coming out of Sanjo Station into the sun we saw the Kamo River.  Back in this beautiful town.


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