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Some people are weird.  Imagine being so fortunate you could say that kind of thing.  Ryker Gamble said it on Instagram a little bit before he and two of his friends died.  They were travel vloggers.

Even though I found this quote from Gamble quite irksome I don’t really feel like it gives me license to crack jokes about his death and the death of his friends.  The top up-voted comment on the article about their deaths?  “Don’t go chasing waterfalls.”  Some people died.  Ha ha.  (Not) Funny.

That little comment reminded me of the low bar we set ourselves on-line for civility.  I think it partly comes because we sort of commodify ourselves online.  We turn ourselves into entertainment, as if we are actors performing a role, and then we are open to attack or praise.  Of course people do this by different degrees.  Becoming a professional vlogger looking for subscribes and views is a matter of complete commodification, but making what you think is a witty comment on a public comment thread under a news article is similar too – different by degree but not by species.


And so we come to the proposed visit of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux which raises the favourite topic of people with unpopular views: freedom of speech.  There is always a case that we should let people visit and speak with minority views because they have the right to express those views.  That is a point with a lot of legitimacy.  A lot of heroes of the past had unpopular views at the time they started expressing them.  My criteria for deciding in my own head in these cases is really about whether the views expressed are harmful towards the vulnerable.  The vulnerable in society are those who are not as free as others in society; those who have fewer options.

I also have an issue with the idea of freedom of speech.  There is no such thing as complete freedom of speech and I don’t want to live in a society that has complete freedom of speech.  I don’t want people to be able to violently abuse each other, tell lies, threaten each other, and incite hatred and violence.  I really, really don’t.

So I had to do something I didn’t want to do.  I went on-line and listened to the youtube channels of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux.  I’m not kidding when I say I really didn’t want to.  Something about this kind of speech and writing makes me feel – not so much angry as upset and a little ill.


Stefan Molyneaux talks about the migrant children scandal in a video from 18 June this year.

“The average IQ in Mexico is in the high eighties which is not good.  It’s just below the threshold where any reasonably free society can be maintained….  So, yeah, a lot Mexicans beat, abuse, sexually assault and rape their children.  So the question is “well, can they stop?”  Well if they can stop and they don’t stop then they have agency and they’re morally culpable…. and it seems hard to make that case as to why the US taxpayers should be forced to pay for effects of voluntary child abuse enacted in Mexico.”

“Mexicans are, on average, absolutely terribly to their children and that needs to be fixed….  The low IQ of Mexican fence jumpers is effectively permanent.  It does not change over generations.”

He talks about agency a lot.  If people have agency and they make poor choices then it’s on them.  I think this is a fair summary of his argument.

Here is a little bit his view on agency:

In Mexico they could solve their problems by treating their children better….  Agency comes from self criticism and why are white males attacked so much, why are they blamed for everything?  Because white males are very self critical.  It’s one of the reasons that white males have built the societies that everyone wants to get into.  Self criticism.  I mean what is free speech but the allowance of criticism?

People who argue like this almost always discount history.  For them history is irrelevant (except the proud history of Western civilisations).  Once history is eliminated then we are left with the current situation governed by colour-blind mechanisms in which everyone can exercise their agency and receive just reward.  Failure to succeed in this level playing field is a failure of will power.

Here, therefore, is what he thinks about New Zealand (it is easy to guess): Māori are at the bottom because they have failed to be self critical and use their own agency.


Lauren Southern is 23.  I know many people who are very astute and 18, but 23 seems awfully young to have such strong opinions and be travelling around the world saying them.  I think I can admire her confidence.

I don’t know.  It’s tiring listening to Lauren and Stefan for a long time.  Lauren has a lot to say about feminism.  One of her most popular videos is about telling girls the truth.  Here is the truth:

  1. Girls are valuable and beautiful, but their sexual market value for mating declines over time and girls should worry about this because a stable marriage and family are high predictors of happiness.
  2. Women value strength and resources (older men) and men value youth and fertility (younger women).  Men get richer over time (in money and resources) and women get poorer (in youth and fertility).
  3. Move fast women, but only once because promiscuity is bad.  Changing partners seriously psychologically damages women more than men (by a ratio of 19 to 1).
  4. Women are drunk, and unhappy, and depressed and it might be because of being promiscuous and wasting the wealth of their beauty and fertility.

In another video she goes around a women’s rights protest in England and asks “would you rather have women’s rights or Islam?”  Most people just look at her blankly or laugh.  The joke of course is on them because as Lauren knows those two things are mutually exclusive.

David Seymour suffers from this problem: intellectual arrogance.  One reason people like Lauren and David assume that their ideas are not accepted (aside from being censored by Marxist media) is that their ideas are so advanced that the sheeple can’t comprehend them.  In the video I mentioned above Lauren comes across as incredibly offensive and ignorant but she obviously doesn’t see it that way.

There is a point she could be making.  Something that gets into how feminism can or can’t work in Islam.  That’s an interesting topic.  I’ve taught a lot of young Muslim women, most of who would regard themselves as feminist, and most of who wear some kind of head covering, and have more conservative family views bounding their social lives.  They also, however, are also engaged in protests about rape culture, have part time jobs, and are at or heading to university.  It seems complicated to me.  Like multi-culturalism is complicated per say.

An American vlogger reacting to news of Phil Goff’s ban on the use of council venues for Laura and Stefan was appalled to find that we have a Minister for Ethnic Communities in New Zealand.  He sees this as proof that we are not trying to assimilate our ethnic communities.  It’s been a long time since I have heard someone use the word assimilate like it is a good thing.


I guess I don’t know why anyone would want to go and listen to Lauren and Stefan.  They primarily seem stupid.  Secondarily them seem arrogant.  Finally I think they have the potential to do some harm.  Not much – because of the first two points – but some harm nonetheless, and towards groups who are vulnerable in our society.  So, in another example of the liberal agenda and marxist politically correct brainwashing, I hope that their visa applications are rejected.  Those desperate to hear them can get plenty of content on-line.



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