How to write a poem in Rarotonga

Describe the faltering bi-plane flight of the dragonfly.

Describe the sound of the night between the roosters and reef

or tyres slashing through puddles on the ring road.

Explain Christianity.  Explain Tangaroa and mist on the mountains.

Compare here with anywhere else; anywhere else with here.

Contrast the same.

To what extent are you true to an identity you cannot define?

To what extent: Island Nights for tourist cash in a Christian nation

in a rising sea?

If Tangaroa was a myth who is Jesus Christ to the Rarotongan?

If the reef is over-topped what is the island to the ocean?

What, if any, are the underlying themes?

Describe the scent of frangipani.

Describe the desire to sail beyond the horizon,

or the purpose of the sea.

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