Review: You’re Worthwhile

hammy & val

‘I have your review in front of me and soon it will be behind me.’

G. B. Shaw


Hammy: You know I hate this kind of crap.

Val: Crap!?  Crap?!

Hammy: Yes, crap.

Val: Anyone can see that this is beautiful, and moving, and wonderful.

Hammy: Anyone except me.

Val: Man, I just want to sing the chorus of this song all day (hums “you’re worthwhile” while looking sadly into the mid-distance)

Hammy: It’s not a song.  It’s an auto-tuned news item.

Val: Bro, you just don’t get stuff like this.  Let’s face it.  But, don’t worry… you’re worthwhile.  No one can ever take that away from you.

Hammy: F*&k off.

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