Welcome to the Jungle

Part of me feels bad about doing this.  But it’s only a really small part; about as big as my little toe nail.  The other part (about me-sized… minus one toe nail) thinks this is funny.

Here, look at this:

Deserts of Central Asia.

Or, how about this:


The jungles of India?

Or this:

A hottie in Hawaii.

Being a fairly hirsute man I would like to say (a) Ha! I made you look at chest hair really, really close up, and (b) as far as man hair goes, tastes have really changed in the last thirty years.

The fashion now is for the hairless male body.  The hairless female body is gilding the lily a little, but the hairless male body is – in 95% of cases – a total work of fiction (and wax).  If they were making Magnum P.I. today would they wax Tom?  Tom Selleck?  One of only two men I can think of who looks sexy in a mo? (The other is Clark Gable.)

I loved Magnum P.I. when I was a kid.  The credit sequence is engraved in my memory.  It was written by Mike Post who is the guru of TV theme tunes.  It is my thesis (that’s right, I said thesis) that it was the credit sequence of early 80s TV shows that laid the foundation for good music videos in the era of MTV.  Magnum P.I. is a case in point.  That swooping helicopter and guitar riff are so perfectly matched I can’t separate them in my head.

In August of 1982 Magnum P.I. was playing on TV in New Zealand, and I was not doubt watching.  Drinking in the beaches, and bikinis and hair.  That’s what life could be like – I no doubt thought – life could be boat shoes, and Ferrari’s and afro combs for my chest.

Some of the Magnum P.I. dream has come true.  I live on an island in the Pacific. 

I have chest hair.